10 Great Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

10 Great Reasons to Choose Divorce MediationGoing through a divorce? Today, Elizabeth Henson, Attorney Mediator, P.C. in Denver shares 10 great reasons to choose divorce mediation. Over the years, I’ve given clients a way to take control of their future instead of leaving it in the hands of a judge. As a mediator and neutral third party, I can work with both sides to help resolve issues and achieve an equitable outcome – all without going to court.

So, let’s look at 10 great reasons to choose divorce mediation over litigation with a judge.

  1. Offers a confidential way to reach compromise.

It’s never ideal to discuss family problems in a courtroom. Mediation allows all talks and documents to be privileged and confidential. Meetings are always private.

  1. Typically provides a less expensive divorce option.

The court process can cost a lot of money. In fact, contentious and lengthy divorce court battles can lead to financial ruin for some couples. Divorce mediation reduces the stress and expense.

  1. Gives you more personal attention.

Litigation in court can be frustrating because it often feels like your side is not being heard. Mediation lets you speak and be understood. A skilled and experienced mediator works toward a consensus on all issues, offers options, and helps the parties negotiate until both sides arrive at a final agreement. Most judges do not get the chance to know your family. A mediator listens, learns, and understands your family’s special situation and concerns.

  1. Avoids a judge dictating terms to you.

With the right Denver mediator, you will be able to control the discussion and determine the outcomes that will affect your life. You choose the issues to focus on, and you make the decisions. The court will not have the final say over the terms of the agreement – you will. With mediation, strangers will not decide the most personal issues of your life, including the care and custody of your children.

  1. It’s not about winning or losing.

Since mediation is a less adversarial process with a neutral mediator, it allows both sides to come to a mutually acceptable agreement where there is no winning or losing. Instead, the solutions are guided by problem-solving and looking at the desires of both sides.

  1. Allows for creative, personalized solutions.

All ideas and options can be discussed with the help of mediation. This allows for unique decisions that suit your marriage and your family instead of adhering to broad-reaching, even rigid court guidelines.

  1. Protects children from stress and conflict.

Coming to an agreement on child custody and visitation (now known here in Colorado as parental responsibilities) and financial responsibilities are one of the toughest issues during a divorce. Courts may require that your child(ren) be interviewed by a third party. This often creates more stress for the child(ren). Mediation keeps the needs of the children in focus without the ordeal of the courtroom process.

  1. Allows greater schedule flexibility.

With a court divorce, you are on their time. You are confined to procedures and overflowing dockets. At my practice, Elizabeth Henson, Attorney Mediator, P.C., I’m able to work around your job commitments and family schedule. We can discuss meeting times that are convenient for you. I can often arrange for phone participation if needed.

  1. Provides both parties with faster resolution.

Mediation allows you to work on your own timeline for resolving the divorce issues. We can work quickly to help resolve your issues, allowing both parties to move on with their lives.

  1. Allows for stability after the divorce.

Last but certainly not least on our list of 10 great reasons to choose divorce mediation, is that the process of mediation opens the lines of communication and fosters a sense of understanding, even if it seems impossible at first. Once you succeed in taking this first step, the odds are high that you’ll be better able to resolve conflicts in the future, particularly when it comes to issues affecting your child(ren).

Why make your divorce harder than it has to be for both parties and your children? I hope that this list of 10 great reasons to choose divorce mediation has shown you that there can be a better way. To learn more about my practice, Elizabeth Henson, Attorney Mediator, P.C. in Denver, please get in touch.

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