Divorce Mediation Can Be Good for Children

Divorce Mediation Can Be Good for Children Henson Mediation Denver, ColoradoYou may be surprised to learn why divorce mediation can be good for children. Here at Elizabeth Henson, Attorney Mediator, P.C. in Denver, I have seen the benefits of mediation for everyone involved, but particularly the children. We all know how hard divorce can be on children. Mediation is one way to help reduce stress and limit the changes that children often experience when their parents divorce.

Here are some key reasons why divorce mediation can be good for children.

Future Focused

Accusations and blame are a big problem when trying to co-parent your children. Feeling angry and pointing fingers at each other for things that have happened in the past can greatly hinder your ability to find solutions. Mediation keeps you future-focused and fosters healthy decision- making. It can also improve your co-parenting skills and allow you to make choices that give your children a more positive home life during the divorce process and beyond.

Greater Privacy

No one wants their personal issues discussed in public. With mediation, your personal business remains private. The more private your personal business remains, the less likely that your children will hear things from third parties.

Personal Solutions

With mediation, you are not confined to the options provided by the court. You can be creative, developing solutions that fit your family. Every family is unique and requires personal solutions. As parents, you can make decisions that address the specific needs of your children.


Mediation allows you to work with your spouse to find an amicable solution both of you can accept, focusing on shared goals and outcomes. Once parents are on the same team, it’s easier to make decisions about your children once you go your separate ways.

Reduces Stress

The dissolution of a marriage often creates sadness, anger, and a lot of stress. Emotions can be exacerbated when there are accusations, blame, and loss of control over the outcome. Your children may feel this stress, putting them in a very uncomfortable position. Mediation is a collaborative, cooperative process that can help reduce the stress during a very difficult time, offering a way to reduce anxiety for both the parents and children.

Communication Skills

I know from experience that success is greatly improved when all parties communicate openly and honestly. In a courtroom, your case is argued and outcomes ultimately decided by a judge. Mediation helps parents learn to communicate and resolve issues through calm discussion. These skills will set you up for success as you move forward as co-parents after the divorce is final.

At Elizabeth Henson, Attorney Mediator, P.C. in Denver, my services often provide a better way to manage a divorce. I will show you why divorce mediation can be good for children by guiding you through often contentious issues in a calm and productive manner. My goal is to facilitate a healthy, happy future for both parties and your children. Please get in touch today to learn more about how I can help you accomplish your goals.

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