Divorce Mediation A Few Myths Addressed

If life has led to your marriage ending, it’s important to know the top seven myths of divorce mediation in Colorado. At Henson Mediation, I’ve seen many people fall for this misinformation only to end up having the courts to determine the outcome of their divorce and future of their children. I believe that you should be in control, not the courts. Let’s take a moment to dispel a few falsehoods so that you can choose the best path for your situation.

The top seven myths of divorce mediation in Colorado:


It’s a Complicated Hassle

Divorce is rarely easy, especially when children are involved. No matter what route you go, divorce involves paperwork, fact-gathering, research and decision making. Mediation is more streamlined than a costly, drawn-out court proceeding.


Mediators Call the Shots

Mediation is not court, and your mediator does not have the power that a judge possesses. You and your spouse make the final decisions. A mediator is only there to facilitate a balanced and equitable outcome that both parties agree upon and accept.


No Lawyers Allowed

There are many lawyers who understand and advocate using mediation. They can participate by advising you on legal rights, options and obligations. They can also assist you in negotiations, unique ideas for settlement and of course, all the paperwork.  Even when you choose to settle your case through mediation, you still always have the right to have a lawyer assist you in whatever capacity you want.


It’s a Weak Way to Go

In reality, mediation often results in spouses who are not communicating in healthy ways speaking their mind and focusing on what’s really important to them, not just what is dictated by the law. In my experience, mediation can instill confidence and even establishes the foundation for improved, ongoing interactions which can be particularly helpful for divorced parents.


Mediation Takes Longer

Mediation is often the faster and more efficient option. Many couples already have all of their paperwork completed and ready to go, filing it all at once.


Power is Out of Balance

Some say that during mediation, one spouse can easily overpower the other, creating an unfair outcome. The fact is, a trained and experienced mediator will be able to identify and control behavior that’s overly dominant.  In my mediations, there is also the option of being in separate rooms if one spouse desires.


Mediation is Always Right for You 

I’ve successfully conducted over 3,000 mediations; however, it’s not always going to be the most effective solution. Both sides need to be respectful and conduct themselves appropriately. Mediation works if both parties are willing to consider alternatives and negotiate in good faith.


Despite these myths about divorce mediation in Colorado, this option has gained huge popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Divorce should be on your own terms, not up to a judge to dictate. It’s more confidential, typically less expensive and provides a less contentious conclusion of your marriage.


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